Taekwondo, a korean martial art of self defence, is foremost a product of traditional korean culture and represents the spirit and philosophy of Korea. It is a martial art that develops character. It has grown into a global martial art with its popularity proven as it is practiced in over two hundred countries and by more than eighty million people.

Taekwondo is established as the most popular korean martial art of self defence and is one that utilises both the hands and feet for attacking as well as defensive purposes in a free fighting form.

It’s dynamic style helps it to stand out from other martial arts from other countries. The development of mental as well as physical strength cultivated within the practitioner is what leads them along the path to spiritual fulfilment by creating balance and harmony within them thus benefitting their life. Such discipline enhances both the spirit and life through training the mind and body.

Although taekwondo, as we know it, is a modern martial art and world sport, it has its heritage deeply rooted in Korean history. Its origins go back over two thousand years and is a culmination of other martial forms. Most notably Taekkyeon and Subak which date back over two thousand years.